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1986 BMW E30 Swap

This BMW E30 Swap is the one that got away. I really wish I would’ve been in a position to buy this a the time. It’s no longer for sale but was listed at $18,000. I want to show it anyway for reference because it’s that sweet.

bmw e30 swap main

This has to be one of the best looking cars of all time. BMW has taken a pretty big left turn with its design language. The new, oversized grills look good on an all black M4 or the green G80 M3, but that’s about it. The 80s/90s/even early 2000s front ends are just too hard to beat.

bmw e30 swap front end

This E30 has an M52 swap (E36 power plant which is also an icon at this point) and an appropriate ZF 5 speed manual transmission. Throw in an Haltech ECU and a tune and this thing has definitely got the revs to make anybody crack a smile. This build also has a 2.93 LSD, so it’s definitely going to do some sliding.

The suspension has been totally gone through, sitting on ISC track coilovers. The ride height looks perfect! Obviously, the key bushing have been replaced. Plus a 5 lug conversion with the needed spacers, this thing looks mean.

BMW E30 Swap with M52

Both the engine bay and the interior are looking ridiculously clean. The interior is a bit minimalistic (door straps) but who cares. It’s actually got back seats that can be used, right? I’m not sure I could squeeze the car seats in there, but I’d probably try. Kids like slides.

Told you it actually had back seats and even has seat belts. Dreams do come true.

Here’s the link to the original sale (sold, sad) post, with pictures detailing the full build. If another BMW E30 Swap like this comes up and I do not buy it, please do and tell me how fun it is. Then sell it to me. Check out other BMW fun that’s around, though.