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1987 Nissan 300ZX For Sale

The Z31 generation 300zx is one of my favorite cars of all time. I’ve loved Z cars for quite a while. I’m sure most of us prefer this 1987 Nissan 300zx for sale over a 370z or the new 400z. If you want to go fast then get a fast car. Don’t you dare come in here and talk about speed ;).

1987 Nissan 300zx for sale, gray and side view

1987 300zx Highlights

Examples of an earlier model year Nissan Fairlady Z are getting harder to find in clean condition. If you do find one, you’re likely to pay a premium for it. Not the case here! This is clean, reasonably priced, and has a manual transmission. You know, the three pillars of success and prosperity.

Model: 1987 Nissan 300zx 2+2
Location: Fairfield, Pennsylvania
Miles: 138,000
Price: $7,500
Seller Type: Private Party
Listed On: Facebook Marketplace
Something Unique: it’s a Z31 without any rust, buy it

Note: This has already been sold. That was fast! Here’s the listing though.

This isn’t the ZX turbo model, but don’t let that turn you away. It’s been a long long while since I’ve seen one of those come up for sale organically. The Z31 introduced a V6 with early Nissan z-cars using inline 6 cylinders. The VG30E engine in the 300zx, as it does vary some by application, is good for around 165 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque.

engine bay of a 1987 300zx
Engine Bay looking clean enough!

The turbocharged models definitely have a noticeable bump in power. I can’t find any for sale right now though. If you can’t have the one you want, you gotta love the one you’re with.

You’re not going to be winning many spontaneous road races with those specs. The naturally aspirated Z31 tips the scales at around 3100 pounds. That is a little heavy for the amount of power. In stock form, don’t buy this for raw performance. Just enjoy the ride, and the nostalgia, and pop the T Tops off!

T Top removed with a side view

There really are not very many of these available in the United States right now. Depending on where you’re located and if you want to be involved in an auction process, your choices may drop even further.

This car is not in amazing showroom condition. It’s 36 years old and has 136,000 original miles. It’s not rusting, what else do we actually care about?

clean 1987 300zx without rust or dents

Digital Dash

All right, time to break out what we all want to see, one of the greatest instrument clusters of all time. Check out this digital dash!

This instrument cluster should have stayed in the rest of the Z’s forever. Well, maybe not the 400z. I really don’t know how to feel about that car…

Still shot of the digital dash on the 300zx z31
You cannot have too much of this dash in your life

This ZX coupe is well specced to boot! It’s got leather seats, power windows, T Tops that don’t leak, and cruise control. What else do you want, a freaking Rollse-Royce?

Leather seats in the 2 + 2 300zx

My wife gets annoyed when I talk to her too much about how cool some of these older Japanese cars really are. I mean, look at this MR2 and this Sera! Maybe I’m talking too much again, I don’t know. This car just hits differently in a sea of currently exorbitantly expensive collector cars.

Maintenance and Condition

If maintained well the NA this engine has got bulletproof reliability. The current owner lists and healthy set of recently serviced items, all within the last 2 months.

  • fuel pump
  • new timing belt (these are interference engines, so thank you!)
  • new water pump
  • new battery
  • clutch master and slave cylinders
  • new shocks and struts
  • Fluid flush (coolant, brakes, oil).

The head and air conditioning both work. It’s got a new headliner and original floor mats. Even the freaking ambient temperature gauge works.

passenger interior side of 300zx with black leather seats
Looking crispy

Should you buy this 300zx?

Yes. It’s not the fastest car. You could probably buy an actual go-kart that will pull more g’s than this. It is a 5-speed manual, well-sorted 300zx with full power equipment. It passes the cardinal and universally accredited rear seat test.

Hatch open and doors open on the back of the 300zx

It’s also not terribly expensive to throw a limited-slip differential in these either. Take a look at this one from Godzilla Race Works. If you just want raw performance and more Godzilla in your life you could always hop into a GT-R.