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1992 Lifted Mazda Miata

At this point, there’s not much left to say about the famed Mazda MX-5 Miata. I’m actually in the market for a track Miata myself… I’m not sure I’ll go this route, but this lifted one could be some of the most fun you can get for the money. Or go nuts and grab a Lightning McQueen inspired lifted Miata build.

Lifted Mazda Miata front view
Model: 1992 Lifted Mazda Miata
Location: Cocoa, FL
Miles: 100,000
Price: $4,500
Seller Type: Private Party
Listed On: Facebook Marketplace
Something Unique: It’s a lifted Miata. Built for us hooligans!

I actually like the camo wrap, it’s the first thing I notice. I think it adds to the car’s hoon vibes. All it needs is a light bar!

The current owner lists a recent Stage 3 clutch, Flywheel upgrade, and timing belt change. Just about the only things needed to keep this lifted Miata rolling.

While the Mazda Miata is typically regarded as an extremely light weight and affordable sports car, you may not want that. The post doesn’t specify what was used, but the Paco Motorsports lift kit is one of the go-tos in the lifted Mazda Miata segment.

Their lift kit boasts 14″ of total wheel travel. Is this a good idea? I don’t know. Does it matter? It does not, obviously.

This build clearly required some fender modifications to provide barely, slightly more clearance than the stock wheels needed. Is it the cleanest fender roll/cut you’ve ever seen? Again, who cares? Just enjoy the new ride height and ground clearance and go do fun stuff.

Lifted Mazda Miata large rim diameter

The interior is necessarily super minimal. It may be good to add some additional weatherproofing, particularly on the upper rocker panels, where it looks like the place for the original rivets probably should be sealed up.

Miata's all black interior in fairly good shape

I really like the blue large diameter rim decision. It looks good with the wrap. That’s an objective statement.

Greatly appreciated is the lack of a huge exhaust. Unless you’re in straight track mode or building an autocross machine, I really really don’t want to hear that 1.6 sing in traffic. Please don’t do that to your fellow driver.

Rear View of the miata with smoked tailights

If you’ve already done that, I can’t knock you too much, because I mostly just want people to roll around in stuff they think is fun. Guess I may be a hypocrite. But just buy this Ferrari if you want some crazy sounds.

I can’t tell from the post or the photos if there is a legitimate skid plate attached, so that’d be a good next step. You can also just catch a view of the lower control arm.

We can assume this build hasn’t seen any hardcore winter months (Florida), but it is kind of close to the coast right now, so may need to expect some rust.

Front bumper and head on view of the miata

It’s tough to tell the camber settings from just the pics, but it looks like up front, there is some degree of positive camber. Admittedly, I’ve got a lot to learn about how adjusting camber impacts all the intricacies of a car’s handling and suspension components, so feel free to and please call me out if I’m off.

With the cars I’ve owned, I’ve only done some minor tweaks with adjustable coilovers, but not really any experimentation with camber.

Go buy this over on Facebook, or tell somebody to, please, and have a blast.