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1995 Lifted Mazda Miata | One of a kind Off Road MX

My son loves Cars from Disney right now. My son would also love a lifted Mazda Miata, naturally. Why not combine both of these to give this Lightning McQueen inspired ride some extra wheel travel?

1995 Red Lifted Miata
Model: 1995 Mazda MX-5 Miata
Location: Hurlock, Maryland
Miles: 180,000
Price: $6,500
Seller Type: Private Party
Listed On: Facebook Marketplace
Something Unique: Just look at it??

I suppose the first thing you’ll notice is the paint job and windshield shade. It’s kind of subtle though, so maybe it just blends in. It’s running the 1.8L engine, manual transmission, cold air intake, and an exhaust. It was probably too basic rolling that way. The owner threw a 3″ lift kit on to address that problem.

Side view of a red lift miate inspired by Lightning McQueen

Adding in some of the required fender modifications, flairs in the front, and rolled in the back, to accommodate the larger tire size. It’s sitting on 30″ mud terrain tires via Centennial. There will be nothing but fun rolling through the rough stuff. Practically speaking, winter months will be light work with all of that extra ground clearance.

Miata on 30 inch wheels in the mud

The owner has had 33″ diameter tires on previously, citing that it a bit was too aggressive for the light weight chassis. You live and you learn, and then you get bigger tires.

lifted miata pulling through the mud

On a slightly more serious note, it’s a pretty clean looking Mazda MX-5 Miata. There looks like there may be some body damage in one photo, but it’s gone in another. Maybe PDR’ed successfully?

I know it’s not going to be a perfect car. If your simple desire is a fun experience, take the ride height and go mob through some mud in first gear. I’m not sure what else you need for a good time.

Miata with a make shift light bar wrapping the roll bar

Technically speaking, this lifted Miata is also equipped with a light bar. One that can be both blue and green at that and efficiently combined with the roll bar. Now this is your chance to let your personality shine through. If you want a slightly different look, our lifted Miata service, is at your service. Right here, 92 Lifted Miata.

clean enough 1.8L engine

With my pretend I’m important hat on (blah), I wouldn’t be able to pick this up. Particularly not for the list price. I’m always here for people taking projects on and making them their own. Who am I to say what the best way to do that is? If you’re driving this, it’s not going to be mundane. Maybe that’s all we need.

Give the buyer some props and check it out here or get wild with a Toyota Sera.