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1997 Toyota Sera

I have never seen this car before in my life. I’d sort of expect that from a brand less known to me, like Peugeot (truth time, only know them from Forza), but not Toyota. We’ve apparently got a 1997 Toyota Sera listed at just under $13,000 in Virginia.

Toyota Sera Butterly Doors
Model: 1997 Toyota Sera
Location: Woodford, VA
Miles: 60,032
Price: $12,797
Seller Type: Dealer (Virginia Auto Mall)
Listed On: Facebook Marketplace (link below)
Something Unique: RHD with butterfly doors – seems obvious!

I can’t recall ever seeing a Japanese car that came stock with butterfly doors. If you’ve ever seen one of these in person or something like it, please ping me!

This is a true right-hand drive, Japanese domestic market import. The Sera debuted in 1988 as the Toyota axv-ii concept car.

Toyota Sera 3rd Door

Just look at the doors on this thing again. What other, nonexotic production cars, have anything going on like this? I can almost guarantee nothing that you’ll see in the United States.

Here’s a crazy fact, McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray cited the Sera as the inspiration for the McLaren F 1’s door arrangement, in the article – “Twelve things you may not know about the McLaren F1”.

Who would’ve thought a little old Toyota with a rear hatch would play a role in the design of one of the most iconic cars?

Toyota produced both a 5-speed manual transmission and a 4-speed automatic transmission. Looks like we’re rocking with the auto, unfortunately.

On the upside, both versions did bring power-assisted rack and pinion steering, something many enthusiasts prefer.

I’m sure it doesn’t quite whip like a tiny, earlier Alfa Romeo, but good Lord, am I curious how this thing drives.

So what are we talking about for a motor? Welp, there’s a 1.5-liter inline-four rated at 104 hp/97 lb-ft of torque. Not exactly gonna blow away any other old car on the road.

But they’re not gonna be looking fly in a dream-like car. As you might expect, power is driven to the front wheels; good luck not still trying to burn some rubber.

After all, you can wind this dream car up to a whopping 7200 RPM. That’s really kind of impressive honestly. The whole platform gives me some spaceship plus Miata vibes.

Toyota Sera 7200 RPM Redline

The interior looks about as basic as you can imagine, but it does appear to be in good shape. The listing doesn’t specify, but maybe the air conditioning even works!

Plus it’s got rear seats, for all those dope parents that want to drop off their middle schooler with butterfly doors.

Even from this angle, you can definitely tell the Sera’s doors have got a little something going on. Still showing McLaren’s inspiration.

If you’re a good human and like good things, but don’t just want to buy your neighbor’s sports car, then this is your answer!

Pop by Facebook and see the details, and grab that VIN. If you’re looking for some more hokey stuff, keep checking the out-there page.