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2007 BMW M5 V10 Manual

One of my personally most desired cars; who hasn’t wanted this urban legend? Unfortunately, I’ve yet to drive one. I’ve heard all about the horror stories with the SMG transmissions, throttle body actuators, and rod bearings. This BMW M5 V10 is currently listed through Facebook at $22,000.

I’ve also read that the 6 speed manual doesn’t match the car as well as the SMG did. I’m always going to be a sucker for 3 pedals though. Always make sure to keep the manuals alive! Hopefully, I’ll be able to drive one someday.

The thought of ripping a BWM naturally aspirated V10 is just about too much of a temptation for me to turn down.

2007 BMW M5 V10 Manual front view

These are getting harder to find with lower miles and have not been beaten down already. Is this an example of that? Honestly, I’m not that sure. With 132,000 miles and the mods list from the post, it seems like it’s definitely been driven hard.

That being said, my personal E39 m5 has 150k (albeit a more reliable platform) and is humming along.

2007 BMW M5 V10 Manual side view with exhaust tips

The interior looks to be in pretty good condition, but unfortunately not a great photo of the typical wear areas on the seats. I’d definitely recommend following up for some more interior shots, especially of the headliner.

E60 M5 manual interior

The listing does mention some repaints. In the photos, it doesn’t look bad, but it’s always worth checking why that was done.

I’ve got some mismatched panel coloring on the 530i and it looks fine from more than 10 feet away. Any closer and it’s kind of obvious. So if that’s your thing, I’d expect this could bug you quite a bit.

Par for the course with this super reliable (/s) engine it looks like an oil analysis is provided. The text is kind of hard to make out, but at the time of analysis, it looks like it did receive a clean bill of health!

M5 blackstone oil analysis showing clean bill of health

If you’re looking for more information or want to see the listing for the 2007 BMW M5 V10 Manual, here’s the link:

For the number of miles, I’m not sure I’d move forward at that price point without the rod bearings having been done preemptively, but to each their own! If this BMW doesn’t do it for you, hop in another one.