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2009 Audi R8 Quattro

The Audi R8 Quattro is still one of the best-looking cards today. Audi knocks this design out of the park. The white on black, with the black rims, make this thing pop.

Apparently, this model has 66,000 miles, which is kind of on the high side for sure, but it’s listed at just $57,500. Not sure what they’ve got going on in Ohio, but that’s close to the lowest price I’ve ever seen for an R8.

Audi R8 Quattro White and Black Perfection

Reading that number immediately screams salvage title or some sort of wreckage, but the CarFax included shows otherwise. I was definitely surprised to see that.

The previous owner count is pretty high at 7, and it having been a lease does not always bode well for the longevity of a car. Two sides to a coin though, leases do typically bring a portion of maintenance included with them, so neglecting that is harder.

Performance car leases are not nearly as generous with their maintenance packages, so just proceed with caution.

I’m really not sure what’s going on up in Ohio, but if you’re not already convinced, you need to get a PPI for this guy. All of the pictures look perfect and this styling will always be special to me.

Aesthetically, for me, these are only rivaled by some of the members in Lamborghini’s lineup. That makes sense considering their shared ownership group.

Audi R8 Quattro rear view

The 4.2L V8, visible in all of its glory, is a high-revving natural aspirated motor. It’ll let you rock up 7800 RPMs.

Power figures are a little bit low by today’s standards (where Corollas can push 300 hp….), with 420 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque.

Those numbers and the quattro, all wheel drive system, should get you from 0-60 in ~4.5 seconds. In 2009 that was pretty legendary. In 2023, you’ll get gapped by an M3, maybe even a 340i xDrive.

Turbos just make everything too fast, but there’s always going to be a place for high-revving NA V8s. It’s a feeling that gets more and more unique.

The interior looks to be in pretty good shape with some expected seat wear on the driver’s outer edge. I’m definitely still a fan of the big analog gauges.

Audi R8 Quattro interior

Not only would the gated shifter look better but of course, it’d be more fun. At this price, in this market, you’re never going to find that though.

It’s certainly vain or shallow to keep harping on the looks, but that’s part of the reason you’d buy this car. Don’t be a liar. It looks great from every angle so show this thing off if you pick it up.

Audi R8 Quattro spoiler

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