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2009 Nissan GT-R

I know, I know this isn’t an exotic car, more of a sports car, but for a while, it was the gold standard of the sub $100k segment. This one may be the cheapest used Nissan GT-R for sale on the east coast, perhaps in the United States. It seems like this one actually works and has a clean title!

Who says this still can’t be fun?
Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Premium
Location: Buford, GA
Miles: 99,676
Price: $50,000
Seller Type: Private Party
Listed On: Facebook Marketplace
Something Unique: One of the lowest prices at the time (2023)

Okay, that’s not the actual car, but it’s just a reminder of the iconic design that swept the 2010s. The actual listing has probably been driven slightly more tamely, but we’ll get into that. Yet again, we’ve got a car out of Georgia with a firm asking price of $50,000.

Nissan GT-R for sale side angle
20″ Niche rims, but swap for the original alloy wheels

I’m not sure why this seems to be the hotbed for well-priced, interesting, Top Car Finds material, but hopefully, you live close enough to take advantage. Here’s the VIN if you want to run it yourself: JN1AR54FX9M251896.

There are under 100k miles, technically 99,676 at the time of writing, so you can tell your friends that as some level of justification when you try to explain why you thought the transmission wasn’t going to blow up, since it hasn’t blown up already. For ~$10k more, it gets easier to find a lower mileage Nissan GT-R for sale.

Nissan GT-R for sale right side

If you’re not sure why I say that, just spend some time Googling around for GT-R transmission failures. The earlier model years, like this one, seem more prone to failure. You’re bound to find some fun, casual, not worry-inducing reading on them all.

You can do some preventative upgrades to keep the pin in this grenade. The community’s wisdom says don’t use launch control. Boo! I’d still own one though… Why didn’t they offer manual transmissions in addition to the automatic transmission?

A lot of people are familiar with this car’s specs already, so I’ll just do a quick rundown: twin turbo v6, stock 480 hp at 6400 RPM, 430 lb-ft of torque at 3200 RPM, a 3.5 – 4 second 0-60 time (you know, if you can launch it), with a very sticky all wheel drive system.

now (in)famous rear spoiler

This GT-R has the pretty common kit of mods/upgrades performed. It’s FBO’d (full bolt ons, meaning intakes, and full exhaust system). It has accompanying injectors and a tune to maximize the increased airflow. It’s also got upgraded fuel pumps. More air means more fuel needed, easy peasy.

The listing doesn’t give a dyno result or spec but similar GT-Rs seem to be able to hit over 500 wheel horsepower/500 lb-ft of torque on pump gas and the 550-600s on E85. This claims to have upgraded fuel pumps, so just run the E85 tune and go wild.

The CarFax is available upon request, but just looking up the VIN, you can see this is a Nissan GT-R Premium. The key difference between the base and premium trim levels actually matters.

The premiums have passenger side airbags. If you care about what’s going to be in both front seats, get a premium. In my brain, it feels like each model should have a distinct safety rating.

The premium also has heated leather seats, but only up front. I’m not sure you can actually call the back seats back seats. The interiors of these cars are nothing to write home about. Unless you’re me I guess, since I’m writing about it.

One of the complaints with even the premium models was always that at a retail price of ~$80,000 the interiors should look and feel a lot higher quality. The steering wheel looks dated and cheap, but it works. Even at a 50k price point, that still feels like a legitimate gripe.

However, the center console is still awesome. When these dropped with the real-time metrics, it was early to the scene. With a new car, it’s commonplace, but give Nissan some credit. They did a cool thing once, and then just got less cool over time. (4ooz, I don’t know how to feel…)

the, almost, rear seats

I don’t know if it’s possible to get a car seat back here, let alone two. I appreciate the effort though! It gives those of us who are terrible at making wise decisions plausible deniability.

There’s no way you’re getting adults back there, though. The seats being present does provide some internal storage space that can be tough to come by with 2 seaters. Boom, practical.

It’d be really interesting to see how many previous owners we’re looking at here. Even with the right service history, it’d be tough for this to sneak into the great deals category unless the mods suit you perfectly, and things are really well sorted.

Is this the best car can buy for the money? Not for me, but if you’ve always wanted in the GT-R game, shoot your shot. See if you can get some wiggle in the price though. It’s possible a better Nissan GT-R for sale is out there.

Here’s the original listing. If more exotic stuff is what you’re after, maybe you’ll get lucky with some of the other listings.