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2011 BMW Supercharged E92 M3

A supercharged E92 M3 is another one of my dream cars. The E90/E92 platform looks still hold up, and that raucous V8 paired with the 6-speed manual transmission places it into BMW lore. Throw in an ESS Tuning supercharger and you’ve got a really special build.

E92 M3 Supercharged Lakeside
Model: 2011 BMW M3
Location: Glen Burnie, MD
Miles: 120,000
Price: $35,000
Seller Type: Private Party
Listed On: Facebook Marketplace
Something Unique: ESS Supercharger, 540 whp on pump gas

The S65 engine is a modern classic, boasting a redline close to 8,400 RPM with peak horsepower coming on right at the end of the rev range. Yet another car you’re going to want to wind all the way out. You probably know all about this engine if you’ve read this far.

The supercharger kit is the E9x M3 VT2-625 Intercooled Supercharger System, just a cool $7,5oo. The listing doesn’t specify but these kits are normally running 6.5-7 lbs of boost. 540 wheel horsepower on 93 octane guess is plenty to keep my heart pounding and make me want to do very legal speeds.

E92 M3 Supercharged with ESS Tuning Kit

These AWRON DGA Gauge clusters are hard to find in stock now but man do they look good. I’m a big fan of the OEM+ look, and this definitely hits that mark. This gauge can be controlled with the steering wheel buttons which his pretty slick.

E92 M3 Supercharged interior with boot gauge

Also, a shout-out again to a standard, standard transmission. We all need more of these in our lives.

The EDC button is absent, so this spec does not have the Electronic Damping Control module. It’s on Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers. These are built in the US, so easy to have serviced, modified, and rebuilt if needed.

This is all fine and well – cool. Have the rod bearings and throttle actuators been done? This car has 120k miles, so those better have been done, and they are! So you’re all good to buy it now, due diligence is complete.

Macht Schnell wheel spacers: 12mm rear 15mm front

It’s got a binder going back longer of its history, always a good sign. You do need to make sure the maintenance comes before the modding. Here’s a quick list of recent services performed.

  • Rod Bearings at 88k
  • Throttle actuators at 102k
  • Clutch at 92k
  • Thermostat at 102k
  • Front and rear brakes and rotors 102k
  • Transmission and diff flush at 105k
  • Oil and s/c oil was changed at 118k miles
  • O2 sensors replaced around 117k
  • Door lock actuators were replaced recently

If you hear “Supercharged E92 M3” you’re probably not going to spend too much time thinking about the interior, unless it’s a total mess. The two-tone coral-red interior is a nice touch. Typically I’m a fan of monochromatic interiors, but this is looking pretty good.

This V8 is going to sound mean too, rocking a Macht Schnell Catless X-pipe and an Eisenmann race catback exhaust. There’s gonna be some wicked rasp at the top of the rev range and you’re definitely going to draw some attention. Just not as much as if you revved out this E60 M5, the V10. Either one will make sneaking in highway pulls a little challenging.

For the $35,000 price tag, I will say the car does have a lot of miles. These are only getting harder to find, and if the maintenance history checks out, it’s probably worth a shot! There are going to be some kind of annoying BMW related electrical things breaking along the way, and maybe a fuel pump issue or two, but if you’ve got a DIY spirit this could be a big win.

If you’re looking for something with less miles, but want to stay in the Bimmer family, check out this manual 340i or browse the BMW page.