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2014 Audi RS7

Finding an Audi RS7 for sale can be a tough task. While not at the exotic level of rarity, these fastbacks, sportbacks, whateverbacks are rare to see out and about. Similar to a lot of the recent car finds, this one is coming out of Georgia.

It’s got 102,000 miles and is listed at $44,000. That’s a lot in a used market that’s starting to see some price drops. Maybe somebody will actually get a deal before too long. This particular RS7 does have some unique things going for it.

Audi RS7 white for sale

It’s been built and tuned by a reputable shop in the Atlanta area, Eurofed. Who cares, tell me about numbers. This build is putting down 700 wheel horsepower on its conservative tune.

Being an RS7 and having that Quattro drivetrain, you’re going to have at least a chance to put that power down. Here’s a slightly newer RS7 if you want to try your hand at launching that one.

Stock 2014 RS7s are running about 550-560 crank horsepower and a beefy 516 lb-ft of torque. That’s already enough to make this 4 door sling and have some fun exhaust notes to match. Engine management is done via a Dyno Spectrum DS1, with a custom map from Eurofed.

If you want to get really gnarly load up the high boost map and put down up to 800 wheel horsepower. That’s into and/or above the range of a Ferrari 812 Superfast, Lamborghini Aventador, and a McLaren 765LT!

All those cars cost significantly more. To be fair, they’ll all handle more than significantly better but that’s not as much fun to think about.

That power is being provided via an SRM 4.0 TFSI Turbo Systems TS1 setup. To meet the air flow requirements, we’ve got an SRM Air-to-Air cooling system with Port injection and Vargas dual full intakes.

Fueling is obviously going to need to be upgraded as well, so an E85 flex-fuel adapter and upgraded low-pressure fuel pumps are in place.

As expected, it’s running upgraded downpipes, mid exhaust cutouts, and the all too necessary resonator delete. It does keep the OEM mufflers and I like that. It helps it not look too much like an outright tuner and retains some of its original sleek aesthetic.

In order to put that power down, it’s going to need more than just the Quattro system. There are a couple of things in place to help with that; upgraded rear axles, billet aluminum rear differential mounts, and these big ole wheels.

VIP Modular One piece Wheels
VIP Modular one-piece Wheels

We’re looking at some 20×11’s all the way around sitting on the classic Michelin Pilot Sports. A nice square setup. I don’t know though, you may need some R888s on this guy during the summers if you really want to push it. And you want to push it.

Of the German kids, Audis tend not to be the favorite among enthusiasts, but these cars really are something special, so I’m always on the lookout for an Audi RS7 for sale… The rear doesn’t look half bad either. Insert joke.

Audi RS7 for sale rear view

I’m not sure how reliable this build will prove to be in the long run and if it’d make sense to own something like this and drive it more than a few times a month however, somebody should buy it anyway. I want it, and it has back seats.

Here’s the link to the original posting. Please reach out and send some videos if you manage to grab it!

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