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2018 Porsche 911 GT3 for sale – Manual Transmission

One of the most exhilarating cars on the market today is the 991 991.2 GT3. Throw in a proper manual transmission and you’re in for the time of your life. This 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 for sale will have your passengers grabbing the door handles in mild to moderate panic. Right in the sweet spot.

2018 Porsche 911 GT3 racing yellow
Model: 2018 Porsche 911 GT3
Location: Hunt Valley, Maryland
Miles: 34,500
Price: $164,900 – dropped from $169k
Seller Type: Dealer – M74 Motorsports
Listed On: Facebook Marketplace and 911 Group
Something Unique: Newer GT3 with 3 pedals!

I recently did the Porsche Driving Experience down in Atlanta with a 911 992 GT3. It absolutely blew my mind, definitely more to come in a separate post there. What a time to be alive! I wasn’t set up with a manual gearbox and that was probably for the better. Frankly, I needed all the nannies and assists I could get.

Porsche 911 GT3 Experience in Atlanta
Porsche 911 GT3 Experience in Atlanta


The 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 0-60 time is officially claimed to be 3.2 seconds with a PDK and 3.8 seconds with the third pedal. Those 3.8 times can be pretty hard to hit in normal driving conditions, even with the no-lift shift first to second gear change.

Raw acceleration from a dig is not the reason you buy this car. If you’re looking for a straight missile check out either the 2014 or 2016 RS7 we’ve run across. To its credit, the GT3 will absolutely haul once you get its 4.0 Liter engine moving with its 9,000 RPM redline. You’ve got so much room to wind those gears out and actually make the downforce provided by the rear wing matter.

GT3 white gauges

Not quite sure how much that wing and downforce combination matters in a Civic Type R, maybe I’m just ignorant. This car is for running ridiculously high speeds on track days and definitely not country roads… Who would do that?

GT3 4.0 Engine

The 2018 911 GT3 is one of the grippiest cars around. It can pull 1.11-1.12 g in lateral acceleration with manual transmission. That’s.. a lot, and is only exceeded by a handful of non-Porsches.

To add to those g-forces you may feel, these carbon ceramic brakes can stop from 60 mph in under 100 feet. The way those brakes bite while keeping the car composed is unreal. I definitely had experienced something like that before my time on track in Atlanta.

Now to the specifics of this car. It’s going to be tough to find a more spec’ed out manual example for sale right now. Carbon fiber bucket seats with sweet yellow seat belts, carbon fiber package, Alcantara all over the interior, OEM carbon ceramic brakes available (steel conversion on it presently), and seemingly required extended range fuel tank.

Carbon Bucket Sets and Carbon Fiber interior trim
Carbon Fiber Full Bucket Seats and interior trim
2018 Porsche 911 GT3 racing yellow side view

Everything about this GT3 looks amazing. The white-faced gauges, yellow stitching, the dope racing yellow, complimented by the high gloss black wheels and yellow brake calipers. I’m not sure it’s possible to ever hide in a GT3, but you’re definitely not going to be able to hide in this one.

I’ll admit that I do prefer the exterior paint with a more green hue. If you forced me to take this though, I would.

high gloss black gt3 wheels

Those exterior looks should hold up for quite a while. In 2022 it had a paint correction done, XPEL paint protection film applied, and a CeramicPro ceramic coating. The dealer states it was $12k worth of work, with receipts to back it up.

yellow 911 GT3 with a field in the background


I’m not sure how many mods a 911 GT3 needs, but if you’ve got it like that, why not. This has a Dundon Motorsports long-tube street header system. Here’s a clip of the system running on a dyno.

I’ll let you make your own life choices, but I actually like the stock sound better. Eek. However, the weight savings and improved airflow do make a material impact on performance! So I’m still in on the upgrade, in case that matters to you at all. Should you need to revert to stock, the OE system is also included.

A swap to Girodisc steel brake rotors and new Porsche OEM brake pads was also done around 2,000 miles ago. So if you’re not tracking a ton, and don’t want cool $20,000+ brake jobs, you can opt-out. Of course, the OEM Carbon Ceramics and pads do come with the car, so don’t panic. You can always throw them back on.


The mileage is on the higher side, but a DME and Blackstone oil analysis report may help assuage concerns about longevity. It also has a transferable Porsche Platinum Vehicle Service Contract for peace of mind. That’ll be in place up to 80k miles or March 2026, and it is extensive! See all of the coverage details here.

Shift knob in the GT3
Why you’re here

Recently a 6-speed there was another 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 for sale on Cars and Bids that went for a stupidly good price of ~$140k. That’s going to be a tough number to beat and benchmark against. It selling via a private seller and an auction definitely factored into that. I don’t expect that sale to trigger widespread price changes.

The market for manual 911 GT3s is not dropping dramatically anytime soon. I mean, look at this interior and tell me what driver’s car you want instead.

cockpit view from inside the GT3

Are there new cars that compete well at the $170,000 price point? Well, yes of course. Most of them are also Porsches though, and regardless of manufacturer, don’t come with a third pedal. You could also snag an older 911 and wear it out for like 15% of the price.

What you may trade in performance, you’ll get back in enjoyment and engagement. In a sports car bordering on exotic certainly by my standards and budget, that level of engagement hits the mark! Check out the Facebook post, the 911 Facebook group to find the listing, or the sweet M74 Motorsports site.