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Stillen Supercharged G37 – manual transmission

The used market is in an interesting position right now. That $20,000 price point has some pretty cool used options. This Stillen Supercharged Infiniti G37 could make your short list, though. Bonus points for 3 pedals.

Black stillen supercharged G37 S Trim

Edit: This has sold already. Bummer! The original post link is no longer available.

Model: 2008 Infiniti G37S Coupe
Location: Georgia
Miles: 101,000
Price: $21,000
Seller Type: Private Party
Listed On: Facebook Marketplace
Something Unique: *Clean* Manual Supercharged G37s

The Infiniti G platform is a little divisive. The 2008 model year hit the market as a relatively affordable, rear wheel drive, upscaled version of the Nissan’s 350z. You’ve definitely seen, and heard, a few of G35’s/G37’s ragged out in traffic.

To its credit, the platform has held up well! It is hard to find clean examples today, in my humble and entirely accurate opinion. However, this blacked out G37S with its Stillen supercharger system, and appropriately sized exhaust is clean! The G37S also gets you an LSD.

Stillen Supercharger Kit Details

Stillen kits are very well respected in the Nissan + Infiniti VQ community. While a lot of these owners do go with large turbo kits and try to hit 500+ wheel horsepower and run with GT-Rs, the supercharger route is still quite popular. The Vortech V units are also great systems and equally, if not more, popular.

The G37 Stillen kit is a roots-type system, while the Vortech is a centrifugal configuration. The roots-type systems generate more heat and are not capable of producing as much boost as centrifugal systems. It’s not all bad, chill. Part of that trade-off is they provide your right foot with a low-end, extra dose of torque.

Stillen Supercharger Kit in Engine bay

Stillen engineers and the current owner have got you covered. This build is also running a Stillen 16 row engine oil cooler. The Nissan VQ is susceptible to high oil temperatures, but you’re fine with the cooler.

Rev it up and have fun. Should you choose to be chill, you can get near stock fuel economy as an added bonus.

For daily drivers, autocross, and some track applications, you’re still going to be sitting pretty. Suspension convo inbound shortly.

If you can hook up the rear tires, you’re going to win some stoplight pulls for sure. You also won’t need a hood replacement so you can keep that stock look!

G37S Performance Modifications

We’re all caught up on the Stillen way now. Let’s talk specs and build. We’ve got the Stillen V3 kit and oil cooler, tuned with UpRev software to run on pump Gas. Sitting conservatively at 8 pounds of boost the power output is plentiful; 400 wheel horsepower.

Tial BOV next to supercharger inlent
Tial BOV

To round out the build, here are the remaining performance mods:

  • Tial BOV
  • AEM Boost and AFR gauges
  • Invidia Gemini Exhaust
  • Invidia Test Pipes
  • ZSpeed 6 puck clutch with lighter Flywheel
Rear and exhuast view of G37
Stillen Supercharged G37 with a STILLEN plate, in case you didn’t know

The suspension setup hasn’t changed much from stock. You do get the stiffer sport suspension and sway bars with the G37S model but the springs have been swapped for Eibach lowering ones.

For more technical driving, you may still find the need for a set of coilovers to support those 3,600 pounds… It’s certainly no Porsche GT3 or MR2.

It’s rolling on a staggered set of Rohana RC7 20 inch wheels. They are 20×10 up front and 20×11 in the rear. That’s a lot of extra tire size over the stock 19″ wheels. Hopefully a lot of extra grip too!

Supercharged G37 Exterior Modifications

This car is one of the tamer, OEM+, looking G37’s around. Minus the red custom floor mats, to be seen – those are a tad over the top. If it’s your next car my opinion doesn’t matter. Get what you want!

Front view with retrofit headlights of Still Supercharged G37

I’m always a fan of blacked out coupes. Seeing one does always make me want a blacked out Mercedes though if I’m totally honest. In any case you’re looking at:

  • Stillen Front Lip
  • Stillen Rear Diffuser
  • VIS Zelda Front Mesh Grill
  • Z1 Aluminimum Undershroud
  • Clean retro fit headlights with new lenses and Iron Man Halos

Stillen Supercharged G37 Takeaways

The Infiniti G37 has been a sought after and tuned platform for quite some time now. Most of the ones I see are too overdone for my taste. This one slides in with some class and taste.

Cockpit wit AEM gauges of G37

The interior is in solid shape and shows shockingly little wear. I’m not a fan of the red floor mats though. This car has a clean black on black look, let’s keep that consistent!

G37 interior leather seats with red floor mats

There are better canyon carvers, whips for track days, and torque monsters out there for similar prices. If all you want is gas pedal down equals stomach up, then check out some other cars.

There is something to be said about having a unique, clean, and reliable build. Street drivability, and rear seats, are always important to me. This provides that plus some extra spice. With only 2 owners, I think it deserves your consideration. I know that means the world to you, and I appreciate it.

Edit: This has sold already. Bummer! The original post link is no longer available.