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What is the Toyota RAV4 towing capacity?

If you don’t see a RAV4 every at least every 5 minutes in city traffic, I have no idea where you live. JD Power ranked the 2022 model the #5 Best Compact SUV, they’re everywhere. With big enough rear seats for a family, what else can they haul? What is the Toyota RAV4 towing capacity? Can you get your jet ski to the lake?

2022 Toyota RAV4 Limited
2022 RAV4 Limited

The answer to that question partially lies in the trim levels. For the Toyota Model year 2022, there are legitimately 14 different trims available.

That high number is due to most of the trims also being available as hybrid models and even some plug-in hybrids. Let’s do a quick, high-level breakdown for each trim of the Rav.

The tow prep equipment is marked optional for all models, so you’ll have to find one with it added, or go the fun UHaul/aftermarket way.

Toyota OEM Towing Package.
Photo Cred: SuperJolo

LE, XLE, XLE Premium, Adventure, TRD Off-Road, Limited:

  • 2.5-Liter l 4-cylinder engine with 203 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque.
  • Front-wheel drive but can be configured with AWD
  • 8 speed automatic transmission
  • Maximum towing capacity: 1500 lbs

Hybrid LE, Hybrid XLE, Hybrid XLE Premium, Hybrid SE, Hybrid XSE, Hybrid Limited:

  • 2.5 Liter I 4-cylinder engine showing a combined 219 horsepower and comparable torque depending on who you ask.
  • Toyota’s official spec sheet shows 146/89 lb-ft of torque (front/rear electric motor). Those numbers don’t add directly to the combined torque output number. (People are estimating ~164-185 lb-ft)
  • Electronic On-Deman all-wheel drive
  • fancy pants ECVT transmission. (No traditional gear shifting)
  • Maximum towing capacity: 1750 lbs

Prime SE, Prime XSE:

  • The same 2.5 four-cylinder engine but it’s Plug-In Hybrid, rocking a much beefier 302 horsepower via more powerful electric motors. 199/89 lb-ft torque front to rear.
  • same AWD and transmission options as the other hybrid models
  • Maximum towing capacity: 2500 lbs.

Is the towing capacity of the Toyota Rav going to fit your needs? Generally, a small trailer can be pulled just fine, while it may be a less good idea to pull some large trailers, especially if they’re actually filled with things.

The entry-level Toyota Rav should cut it for utility trailers, running to and from Home Depot, etc. You can move that Jet Ski around, maybe two.

2022 Base/LE Model. Most Common car in my city now…

If you’re thinking you’re going to be needing more towing power, but are set on this compact crossover SUV (new words for car shapes), type thing, then you’ll definitely want to look at the Prime Plug-In Hybrid models.

That extra 1000 pounds of cargo that could be towed, could come in handy. If that Toyota RAV4 towing capacity still doesn’t hit your mark, and you just want to go full-on minivan life instead, make sure to know which Odyssey trim to get! Or go the other direction and check out this Mayback ;).

Needing more tow in your row, or whatever? You may want to check out the Ford Escape. They’ve got an estimated 3500 lbs capacity. That’s a pretty significant jump! It seems like other Japanese vehicle manufacturers come in at about the same place, with the Nissan Rogue around the 1500 lb.

For a deeper dive into all things towing capacity, check out this really thorough Kelly Blue Book article.