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What makes a Top Car Find?

A Top Car Find is obviously subjective. For everybody, it’s going to mean something different. It could be finding your first car again, or the absolute fastest car you can afford to get at the time. I think I’d pick the latter over finding another 1995 non-turbo, no all wheel drive Eclipse (my first car).

I try to cover different bases, so more people may find these useful. However, I do skew toward the luxury, German segment. It will be a battle for me to not just flood a bunch of E30s and E36s on here.

Typically what calls out to me are cars that are on the rarer side. Perhaps they were built during a golden era and are never coming back the same way. Maybe they’ve got unusually low miles or have been optioned out in a fairly unique way.

Top Car Find Ford GT
Ford GT

Whatever it is, I’ll try to avoid simply sharing cars that may just be a few thousand under Blue Book value, unless they’re a special model of some sort.

Really, a top car find is something that works for your budget, makes you smile when you tell your friends about it, and kind of makes you want to bail on work early or get there late.

Maybe it makes you take on-ramps a little too fast, or get a little sideways. Even in my falling apart 2001 530i, I’ve been known to leave skid marks, because why not?

Nissan Skyline

With a Top Car Find the goal is to provide something unique, be it from price, condition, rarity, or just maybe just something wild. I recently saw a Miata with a lift kit and some all terrain tires. It was pretty sweet and wish I would’ve grabbed it for the site.

Get out there and drive something fun. Drop a comment sometime with anything unique that you see or are driving in your corner of the auto world.